Saturday, January 25, 2014

A new student review of The Children of the King

moseso posted a new student review of The Children of the King . See the full review.

‘Children of the King’ is a satisfactory book. The title doesn't fit the story very much. It also takes a while to get into it. However, once the plot takes shape, the book does get pretty fascinating. Sonya Hartnett did not make me feel like part of the tale until Uncle Peregrine’s storytelling begins, and that doesn’t start until later in the story. Cecily and May kind of seem like real people, but because there’s magic in there that couldn’t possibly take place in real life, I have trouble believing them to real. Sonya Hartnett did a fine job finishing the book; it didn’t leave me wondering what happened after the end of the story, which is always excellent. I think the book is for age’s nine to twelve. ‘Children of the King’ is not an educational book. The time period is non-fiction, but the adventure the girls go on is fictional. If you like story- telling within the book and little bit of magic, then you’ll enjoy this book.