Sunday, May 26, 2013

A new student review of Timekeeper

rachelmcclure posted a new student review of Timekeeper . See the full review.

“Timekeeper,” by Alexandra Monir, was an extremely entertaining read that keeps the reader enthralled to the last page. Through haunting villains, and a revenge that attempts to cross both time and space, the story is truly gripping, and is enhanced significantly by Monir’s masterful inclusion of the Windsor family’s backstories. The main character, Michele, was extremely relatable to high school readers because the story is one, not only of romance, but of self-discovery. Monir’s creation of the time traveling world was a refreshing rendition, with principles of time traveling I have never seen before. “Timekeeper” unites the 1900s with the present in a unique and exciting way, and is enchanting for lovers of adventure novels and romance enthusiasts alike.