Saturday, November 10, 2012

We Are Savages (eBook) by Jessie Atkin

Tris has never felt like anyone. Her parents want her to be more ladylike, and she has no friends except her dog, Mars. But that all changes on a mysterious night when Tris falls down the sewer into an amazing world full of children that call themselves savages. Fireflies that fly above the children s' heads light everything and kids sleep at any time they want to. But that' s not even the weirdest part. There are no adults. Join Tris on an adventure where she' ll meet some pretty weird kids and monsters that snack on children.

To tell you the truth, this book did not intrigue me very much. It was hard to continue on with the book, and I felt like I was being forced to read it. When I was reading, I didn't have any of those " ooh" or "ah" moments that make a book really good. I didn't feel the emotion from the characters like I have in many other books I have read. Even though you were supposed to feel bad for Tris for a chunk of the book, I could not really empathize with her. Overall, this book did not intrigue me, and I did not enjoy it very much.

Reviewer Age:10
Reviewer City, State and Country: Charlotte, North Carolina United States