Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Spark-The Elemental Series by Brigid Kemmerer

"With a spark and a flicker, it flared to life" (305). Gabriel Merrick plays with fire, but that does not mean that he is able to control it completely. Gabriel is accused of an arson attack and even his family does no t believe that he i s innocent. Only the shy, intelligent girl named Layne Forrest believes in his innocence. Gabriel' s power is something that he has to hide, but when Layne is in trouble, he is forced to reveal his true identity.

This book is very engaging. The characters ' powers are amazing, and their actions are real. I could imagine these characters in real life and could see them experiencing all sorts of trouble. The book is also funny and romantic, with a main character that has an interesting aura, both intense and exciting. Gabriel is strong, but he keeps his feelings to himself and keeps secrets from his family. I sometimes pitied him. After a couple of chapters, I could barely put down the book. I learned that you do no t have to be perfect to be a hero, and if you are determined, you can do anything. Since the book contains many swears, it is for those who are at least in high school.