Monday, July 09, 2012

Perfected By Girls (eBook) by Alfred C. Martino

      Perfected By Girls is about a sophomore named Melinda who is on the wrestling team. Some people judge her for being the only girl on the team, but she doesn' t care, she just wants to wrestle. Soon the papers, starting with the school paper all the way up to the local paper, have articles that piss Melinda off by misquoting her. Melinda has ups and downs with her brother, boyfriend, and best friend, put pulls through. Her grandmother wants her to work in her office for the summer, but Melinda and her best friend want differently. Melinda has a lot of obstacles throughout the story but learns to cope with the help of love, support, and the passion to wrestle.
When I read Perfected By Girls, I felt like I was a person in the corner of the room, just watching the story play out. I could picture all the locations of the story in my mind fairly easily, but the characters were a little harder, the author didn' t give much detail on the character s features, but their outfits were very well described. The voice in which the story is told has a good sense off humor, and can make you smile if not laugh. There is some bad language and sexual content, nothing for kids under 13 or 14.  I liked Perfected By Girls a lot, I would recommend it to people I thought it is age appropriate for.
I rated Perfected By Girls 3 because there is a fair amount of strong language and sexual content.
Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Ukiah, CA United States