Tuesday, July 24, 2012

May Magic

Whose mom just visited the hypnotist and is now acting

like a duck? It is Bradley and Brian's mom in the book,

May Magic, by Ron Roy. This book is one of the Calendar

Mystery books. Bradley and Brian took their mom to see

Hypo the Hypnotist and now they think she has been

hypnotized into thinking she is a duck. She is quacking

like a duck, splashing in her bathtub, poured corn around

the house, and wanted to play in the rain. More than

anything the boys wanted their real mom back and wanted to

get rid of the duck silliness.

I really liked this book. It was interesting and funny

at the same time. It was a fun mystery to read. I wanted

to know what was going on with their mom as much as the

boys did. The ending really did surprise me. I would

recommend this book to students in second and third grade.

It is a good book for kids just starting to read chapter



Jackson, MO USA