Monday, July 09, 2012

Delta Legend (eBook) by Kelan O'Connell

In Delta Legends by Kellan O 'Connell, Oakland teen Calvin gets into some trouble so his mom sends him to northern California to live with his great uncle.  When he gets there, his uncle puts him to work fixing up boats to keep him busy. The place he s at is a small riverside fishing town. Calvin 's experience gives him some better friends than he had previously; he also learns to make better life decisions.
As a  new reviewer, this was a great first read and I really enjoyed the process of reading and reviewing Delta Legends. It was an electrifying read and a struggle to put down. Calvin' s experience in the small town teaches him such a good lesson that I believe that many youth could use this lesson to better improve their behavior, and as a reader I enjoyed learning about the environmental problems such as the river systems in California. The book's themes are timeless; I would recommend this book to readers ten generations from now. Kellan O 'Connell did a fantastic job researching the background information as well reaching out to teens.

Reviewer Age:18
Reviewer City, State and Country: Columbus, Indiana USA