Monday, July 09, 2012

The Cage (eBook) by Jacci Turner

Summer school collects a diverse set of teenagers, some getting a head and others trying to pass. Grouped together for the entire class, four students of different backgrounds Tyrell, Tiffany, Orlando, and Samantha learn more than English from their assignments. The Blue Group quickly discovers they have more in common than appearances suggest. Tyrell 's dreams and Sam 's drawings are more than coincidence. But who is the girl that appears in both? And what does she want from them?
At first I was not impressed with where the story was going and how it was written. But after the third or fourth (short) chapters, I started to feel a part of the Blue Group as if I was a character myself. I could predict some of the outcomes; I was pleasantly surprised by some of the twists. Jacci Turner did such a great job with this book that I' m excited to see what comes in the rest of the series. A fairly light read and not too complex, The Cage makes a great pick for reluctant readers.

Reviewer Age:23
Reviewer City, State and Country: Bay City, Texas US