Thursday, June 07, 2012

Unbreak My Heart by Melissa Walker

Unbreak My Heart is the story of Clementine, a high school sophomore who sets out with her family to sail along the east coast for the summer. The extended family time isn't as horrible as it normally would be, mostly because Clementine has managed to lose her best friend, Amanda, after flirting with Amanda's boyfriend. Clementine uses the trip to reconnect with her parents and her little sister, as well as to sort out her own feelings about what happened between her and Amanda. As a little bonus to this soul-searching vacation, she meets a friendly boy named James, who is sailing the same route as Clementine's family.

Unbreak My Heart was an interesting story that added a sailing background to the typical teenage drama. The creative setting allowed for a different take on the genre, and limited the repetitiveness I have come to expect from teen girl books. The plot was a little bit slow, focusing a lot of attention on Clementine's thoughts and the mysterious mistake she made that cost her Amanda's friendship. The small amount of action the book had was in the sub-plots, and greatly underplayed. Clementine's character was not developed enough, and I never really felt connected to her. She did not have enough flaws to make her relatable; besides the one mistake that the plot revolves around, Clemintine seemed like a pretty, smart, social girl with everything going for her. All in all, Unbreak My Heart is a quick read perfect for a teen girl relaxing on the beach and looking for something to read. I would recommend it to fans of Sarah Dessen, and those looking for a quick look into the mind of a heartbroken teenage girl.

Reviewer Age:16
 Reviewer City, State and Country: Harleysville, Pennsylvania USA