Monday, June 25, 2012

Rivals by Lauren Kunze with Rina Onur

The Ivy: Rivals by Lauren Kunze is the third book in the Ivy series. It follows freshman Callie Andrews through her second semester at the prestigious Ivy League school, Harvard. This semester, Callie maneuvers the tricky waters of college journalism, parties, and elite organizations. She meets people who are worth knowing and others who she could definitely live without. Callie still has a lot to adjust to at Harvard, but maybe she s finally getting the hang of things.
I thought that Rivals was an average book. Not particularly good, not particularly bad. However, I must admit that I was previously unfamiliar with the Ivy series. I was fairly lost at first because I had no prior knowledge of the events that occurred in the first two books of the series, and Lauren Kunze s writing style did not happen to include a nice summary of said events.

That being said, the book s plot was entertaining after I figured out what was happening. The writing was not profound, but it did not detract from the story either. The plot seemed almost like a television show an overdramatization of real life. Maybe I m wrong, though, and Harvard really is such a crazy place! Personally, I did not particularly like the protagonist, Callie Andrews. I like strong female characters, which she did not come across as.

The book ended with a cliffhanger, obviously leading up to the next sequel, but I do not plan on continuing to read the series. I did not enjoy it enough that I would recommend it to others.

I would remind you, however, to take my opinion with a grain of salt. The fact that I am new to this series definitely changes my views whether it makes them more or less objective is as yet undetermined.
some mature themes such as sex, partying, drinking, and other such college activities
Reviewer Age:18
Reviewer City, State and Country: Columbus, IN USA