Monday, June 25, 2012

Deadly Intentions (eBook) by Lisa Kuehne

True to her word, Ava O'Brian is back and ready for action in the second book of the Intentions Trilogy, Deadly Intentions, by Lisa Kuehne.  Just recovering from her near death experience involving a run in with some deadly demons, Ava is hoping for some rest and relaxation, including spending one-on-one time with her boyfriend, the irresistible Sam.  But, alas, as always, therein lies a problem.  It just so happens that her one and only is a dark angel himself.  There goes the recreation Ava was pining for. It also doesn't help matters any that William, one of God's true angels, is also vying (and lying) for her attentions.  Yet Ava's problems aren't finished.  Ava carries a special gift, a gift that helps influence others to do well something her ol'  buddy The Devil isn't exactly fond of.  With a slew of Satan's followers on their tails, Sam and Ava are desperate to end the unrelenting tirade of angelic against demonic. When Ava starts having nightmares that actually come true the very next morning, she doesn't know where to turn.  Is she creating good or evil?  She also discovers her ability to read her enemies thoughts only solidifying her belief that maybe her gift for goodness isn't exactly flowers and unicorns.  But it doesn't end there.  Aiden, Ava twin brother that was killed in a car accident, hands his soul over to Lucifer under one condition.  Satan cannot harm Ava in any way, shape, or form.
The Devil agrees--reluctantly.  As soon as Ava is brought up to date on her brother's situation, she, Sam, William, and a few others set out to save her brothers spirit literally.  Things go downhill from there.  Sam and William are constantly at each other's throats.  Ava is fighting the temptation to end everything and fall to her knees at the devils beck and call.  Aiden is slowly causing disaster around the globe.  Caught between two different sides, who will Ava give her gift--and her heart to?
Her soft brown eyes widen in obvious alarm, and a green pallor takes over her face.  She mouths the words, oh my God-.
This. Book. Was. Absolutely. Brilliant.  There is no other way to describe it.  It had everything action, romance, intrigue, drama all perfectly mixed together better than your Grandma's cookie batter.  There was enough romance to keep me sighing, but it never got to sappy or obsessive.  The story progressed beautifully, always keeping me on edge.  Besides sometimes being dark and terrifying, Ava had a humorous sarcastic wit, along with an independent spirit.  Seriously, this little lady could win the Miss Firecracker Award.  Easily. I recommend you read the first book, True Intentions, beforehand, as it will catch you up on what happened before the chaos.  I loved how this book had such a wide range of characters. I could at least connect to one of them.  The ideas of heaven and the underworld this book portrays are interesting, too,the afterlife, the relationship between angels and demons, the ways mortals are smashed right in between.  I also like how the story is told through Ava's point of view it helped me understand the method behind the madness.  The vocabulary was fresh and definitely drew you into Ava's plight.  After the dynamic ending, I am extremely anxious to read the final book in the series, needless to say.  If you love almost having a heart attack from all the suspense in your books, this novel is for you!

 I keep bouncing up and down in the back of the cargo van but now Stephen and Susan are taking me to face Satan.  Since they killed Rick, I suppose they'll have to find another human to end my life and make me one of his immortal followers.
I would recommend this book for ages thirteen and up, or for mature readers.  The novel did have some mild expletives in it, and casual sexual references.  Even though it does talk about God, it is not a faith based book.
Will Ava and Sam's relationship survive through all trials and tribulations?  Will they be able to save Aiden's soul in time, or will evil rule?  Read Lisa Kuehne's new novel to find out!

Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Leopold, Missouri U.S.A.