Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bloodman by Robert Pobi

FBI Special Agent Jake Cole has the remarkable ability to recreate crime scenes in his mind.  Every detail and every clue is stored in his brain to help him solve the most difficult cases.  However, this skill comes with a price-a delicate and compartmentalized psyche developed in an attempt to forget his broken past.  Jake is forced to revisit this haunted past when he returns home to care for his father, one of the most influential American painters of his era, after an accident caused by his affliction with Alzheimer's puts him in the hospital.  Upon his arrival, Jake is called to investigate a grisly double murder that catapults him into a whirlwind of mystery, violence, and shattered memories.  Jake will have to confront the very things he spent 25 years to avoid in order to find the Bloodman, a cold-blooded killer that won't leave Jake alone.

Bloodman is not an easy read, nor is it an incredibly fast read.  However, Bloodman is certainly a rewarding and enjoyable read.  To fully grasp the essence of the book, one must explore in a manner similar to a painter constructing a masterpiece, a central theme in the book.  In a similar fashion, the pace of the book varies.  The excitement and drama of the beginning and final acts are offset with a slower-paced middle.  This allows for plenty of tension while also providing an opportunity for characters and back-story to develop.  The ending is satisfying and unexpected, although it may be considered during the course of the story.  However, the thrilling plot may not be the landmark of Bloodman.  Instead, it is the character study of Jake Cole that steals the show.  His journey is exhilarating but also difficult to swallow as he ponders what must be done to protect his friends and loved ones from the past and perhaps more importantly, himself.  Robert Pobi has written and outstanding thriller that I recommend to mature readers.    

For language, graphic violence, sexual content, and drug references.

Reviewer Age:22
Reviewer City, State and Country: Eden Prairie, Minnesota United States