Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

A Princess of Mars is the first epic tale of John Carter and his adventures on the planet Mars, or as the natives call it, Barsoom.  The story begins with Carter, a former captain in the Confederate army, searching for gold in the deserts of Arizona.  A dangerous encounter with a band of Apaches leads Carter to a mysterious cave that transports him to Mars.  As John Carter becomes assimilated with one of the warring tribes on Mars, he learns of a great threat that could jeopardize all life on the planet.  All the while he is infatuated by a lovely princess, knowing each decision he makes may determine the fate of their romance.  A Princess of Mars is a true science fiction epic combining action, romance, and many other elements that make it an essential part of the science fiction canon.

A Princess of Mars was written nearly 100 years ago, yet it still influences the most prominent science fiction writers and film directors of our era.  Edgar Rice Burroughs has written an epic story with many elements that add to the size and scale of the story.  Readers will become attached to many of the main characters despite their alien origins, and the character studies (especially the romance) is interwoven flawlessly with dramatic scenes of action and adventure.  However, the most intriguing aspect to the story is the personal journey of the protagonist, John Carter.  His combat experience prepares him well for the war-torn planet of Barsoom, but amongst the death and destruction, he finds true love.  Like many stories we know today, he must juggle the roles of soldier and lover as the inhabitants of Mars fight for survival.  Science fiction readers must read A Princess of Mars to truly understand the standard Edgar Rice Burroughs has set for the science fiction genre.  

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