Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I, Dwayne Kebler by James Connor

The book I, Dwayne Kebler is about a young boy in high school. Dwayne's mother is pregnant and quit her job, so Dwayne and his brother Reggie have to find jobs to help support the family. One day Dwayne runs into a paperboy who tells him there are plenty of streets open. When Dwayne gets the job, he finds that one street is not enough to fit the budget for the family. Dwayne's father makes Reggie sign up for another street although Dwayne is actually going to deliver to both streets. The 2nd road Dwayne is delivering to was named suicide seventeen by his fellow paperboys. Dwayne soon discovers why because on his second day of delivering, he gets robbed and ends up with a broken tooth. Dwayne's father wants the newspaper to give him an insurance claim since Dwayne got hurt but the company doesn't give him one, so Dwayne quits the job.

One thing I enjoyed about the book was the perspective. Reading the book from Dwayne's perspective was very interesting because his view was very unique and he used slang terms which was very amusing. Although when I read the ending, I felt that it was not very good. In the end, Dwayne's father just tells him to get a new job and the book ends. I also thought that the plot of the whole story was pretty bad because all that happens is Dwayne gets a job, he stops doing his old job, and looks to find a new job. I also think that the vocabulary is not very age appropriate because all of the characters use cuss words very often in the book. Comparing to other realistic fiction books, I think that this book is not very good. I think this because it was very cut and dry and was not as interesting as other realistic fiction books I have read. I think the author could have added more appealing things in the story other than his job, like maybe more details about his family like whether his mother even had a baby, or even if he found a new job. Another thing I did enjoy about the book was it was very realistic. This book was all about Dwayne helping his family survive and to do that he had to earn money. Overall, I wouldn't recommend this book to other people because I didn't really like the plot of the story and it was not very interesting.
All characters cussed many times throughout the book.
Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Champaign, Illinois USA