Thursday, May 10, 2012

Emerald Witch

Living with her Grandmother Grace in a small Irish town resides the story’s main character, Amelia. The book follows Amelia as she must abandon her human life to embrace a newfound discovery; she is the last in the line of the Emerald Witches. With her mother deceased, and her father, a dark and infamous wizard, out for her blood to complete a nefarious spell, it is Grace who must help Amelia survive and harness her new powers.  The pair is accompanied by a throng of magical defenders willing to put down their lives in order to save Amelia and stop her wicked father. Together they begin an epic adventure filled with danger, mystery, and malevolence. 
The Emerald Witch begins with Amelia, not knowing about her magical heritage, dealing with mostly normal teenage issues, mixed with strange and unexplainable happenings that become important later on.  It is at these earlier stages of the book that I became acutely aware of the skewed priorities of our heroine. Exploding principals, mysterious disappearances, unsolved murders and in Amelia’s mind, all this pales in comparison to the dreamy way an attractive guy-not the one she is dating, mind you- flips his hair.  I was infinitely grateful when the storyline moved on, and the importance of her love life diminished, replaced with the more significant details of the story. I found myself enjoying the book more and more as it continued on, getting darker and much more interesting every time a key point was revealed. The majority of the characters where unique and had their share of endearing faults, though I could point out a few that where unrealistically perfect. The plot itself seemed very original, while still keeping familiar elements used in the majority of the fantasy genre. In all, the story was enjoyable, and I don’t regret choosing this fascinating book. 
Reviewer Age: 13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Phillipsburg, New Jersey United States