Sunday, October 02, 2011

Vallar by Cindy Borgne

Summary: Ian is a pyschic working for the powerful marscorp faction on Mars. Ian has visions of a girl that is important to him, and when he is taken on a raid of an enemy base, he begins to realize that marscorp isn't as nice as he was raised to believe. When Ian has a dream about an enemy mine, Marscorp immediately goes to kill and take control of the mine, but Ian realizes that the girl he dreams of is a member of that enemy faction. Ian nearly dies there, but an enemy soldier rescues him, and is then shot and killed by marscorp soldiers. Ian questions his beliefs over and over, eventually providing false information to his superiors to protect the innocent people caught in this terrible war. Will Ian ever be united with this mysterious girl, and find a way to end this war??

Opinion: I REALLY liked this book…at times I thought that the descriptions were very good, and other times not so good. This book is suitable, I think, for even little kids to read. I personally havent read enough sci-fi books to compare this to other books in its genre, but I think that it would definitely be in the top of its genre. There is very little inapporpriate language, which makes it an even better book, to me. I wish that the book had been longer, since the end leaves you hanging, so I really hope that there is a sequel.