Thursday, October 06, 2011

Pregnant Pause by Han Nolan

Eleanor Crowe hates being told what to do. But when she gets pregnant with her boyfriend and is forced to choose between either marrying him and working at his parents fat camp or moving back to Kenya with her missionary parents but without her baby, she wishes someone would tell her what to do. Unsurprisingly, Eleanor hates the idea of working at the camp. But once she begins working there, she finds that she likes working with kids and can finally imagine herself being a mom. Then something terrible happens on the day the baby is to be born, and Eleanor is in turmoil once again-what should she do about her baby and her husband?
This book is a welcome change from the the tired stories in which a young girl has a baby but her parents accept her for what she is because that's not what real life is always like. This book is real and at times a little depressing, but for me it is a great story. I love the character Eleanor because she seems so strong. Since Pregnant Pause is from her point of view you can see all of her problems and feelings. I also like the change of scenery and I think the camp for overweight kids is a great setting. I would have liked if there were a little less focus on Eleanor's husband and a little more on flashbacks from when she was younger. All in all, the book is a great read for mature readers and especially for girls to see what one mistake can do to them and their futures.
Sexual references and death.
Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Holland, Michigan USA