Wednesday, October 26, 2011

If I Die by Rachel Vincent

In this story, Kaylee, a female banshee, and her enemy Sabime, must team up to defeat an evil incubus. Who, ironically, is a teacher at their school. The only problem with the plan is Kaylee. She s going to die in less than a week. And the teacher can t be left alive for that long. Unfortunately, Death decides to knock at Kaylee' s door. Has Kaylee run out of time?

The first half of the book is pretty good. If you can get past the cursing, sex scenes, course jokes, sex scenes, sex scenes, and more sex scenes. I swear, it was like the author didn t know how to keep sex out of her book! Every other chapter is about something sexual. First it' s an 18 year old getting pregnant. Then it s Kaylee finding out her teacher is an incubus. And not just an every-day incubus. He 's an incubus in heat. Later, it s Kaylee witnessing another student s miscarriage. And let 's not forget Kaylee s experience with her boyfriend. Might I mention that this experience happens in her bedroom? In her bed?

Thankfully, the author only focuses the first half of the book on sex. It' s only mentioned a couple times in the second half of this story. The second half of this book focuses on Kaylee' s decision on whom she will choose as a boyfriend.

Overall I found this book very disappointing. It seems geared for a more mature audience. If the first half had been as good as the second half, it would' ve been a lot more enjoyable.

The entire first half of the book was ENTIRELY focused on sex. It had a couple F-bombs, and it had MULTIPLE characters cursing. Also, it got extremely violent toward the end of the book. I'm not at all pleased that this book was said to be Young Adult Fiction.

Reviewer Age:16

Reviewer City, State and Country: Yucaipa, California United States of America