Thursday, October 06, 2011

Castlebots by Terry Goudy

Scott Freeman is a fifteen year old who has successfully completed a game in Star Park, a virtual gaming world in which he is employed. He is planning to do another test run to make sure it will be safe for costumers. Scott also hopes to use the second test to search for a cure for his sister's illness. Unfortunately, after a failed kidnap attempt to capture Scott, a military official, General Z, sends him back into the virtual world taking away Scott's ability to control the game. This time the scenario is set around a disaster where the Earth may be destroyed. While Scott must hurry to save Earth, someone else secretly entered the game with him. This mysterious person has it in for Scott. Is there any hope left for the Earth or Scott? And is Scott the hero everyone thinks he is?

This book was strong and well written. A few times Goudy seemed to be leading to something that could have branched off in numerous ways but he ended the thought before it could really take off. I thought the plot and characters were really complex and enthralling. At times it seemed that more information from the back story should have been included. His ideas for the setting of the virtual world were extraordinarily creative and unusual. I am excited to continue the adventure in the second book.