Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Violet Flash by Mike Mason

The Violet Flash is the sequel to the book The Blue Umbrella(Which was unexpectedly sent to me along with The Violet Flash). These were written by Mike Mason as his first and second novels. Chesterton "Ches" Cholmondeley is studious boy with a love of weather. He and the other local kids were in 'weather lessons' taught by Sky Porter, the man who controls the weather, when Ches' sister Chelsea is sucked up into the Blue Umbrella! In turns out seconds are disappearing one by one and causing accidents. So who knows about time? Ches' father's old friend Myron Stinchcombe who runs a clock shop. Ches is getting different opinions from eveyone and doesn't know what to do and everyone is leaving it all up to him! Sky thinks that a violet flash at sunset would fix everything but Ches only has a few days before the time thief plans to take a full minuet and violet flashes a are very difficult weather. If Ches does manage to creat a violet flash it could completely stop Chelsea from coming back. So what can Ches do? Either he can save the world or his sister.

The bottom line is that you should read the first book before this sequel, just because it answers alot of questions. I found this summary very hard to write because a lot of things are going on had been introduced in the first book. I found this book to be a bit below my age level but still very interesting and compelling. Often times I found it hard to put down. In the beginning, Ches propels the story along because of the kind of person he is but later in the novel its own momentum carries it. I didn't find the ending very fulfilling but it did answer most questions. Honestly, I found that the first book was better than this sequel, but I think that is because he had more options. In this book, he was confined to the information he had put in the first.

Reviewer Age:16

Reviewer City, State and Country: Sterling Heights, Michigan United States