Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gypsy Knights by Two Brothers Metz

After Durriken's parents die in an accident, he makes his home on the rails with Casey, an engineer, as his "mother". Dilia has been living with her parents in jail for a while but still maintains weekly telephone calls with her father. What do these two have in common? A talent for chess, a beautiful yet mysterious chess set, and a need for each others' help as they go on a journey all over America to find something they're not even sure exists.

This book was incredible! The first few chapters were a little difficult to understand however because a lot of the names are Gypsy names and I got confused as to who was who. After those first chapters, I was totally addicted to this book. They visit many cities in America and I learned a bit about each one, I learned a lot about chess, and some about trains too! This book would make a very exciting adventure movie. I have already recommended it to a lot of my friends.

Reviewer Age:17

Reviewer City, State and Country: Gearhart, Oregon United States