Sunday, July 31, 2011

Columbus and the State of Ohio

When I was sent my book I requested, I also recieved a factual book about Columbus and the Sate of Ohio by Kate Boehm Jerome. The book is divided into two separate sections. The first section included many interesting things about Columbus, Ohios's state capital. This section is written more for kids to know basic things about the state capital, but still interesting for others to read. Talking about strange facts and things you can hear, see, smell, and explore; it was very fun to read. The second section was about the state of Ohio. Some things I knew, but others I didn't, and some of the facts were quite shocking to read. It almost felt like a traveler's guide; stating museums, attractions, and celebrations. It also talked about Ohio basics, such as the state bird, insect, tree, and others. While reading it, I became more and more interested to learn about the state I've lived in my whole life. I was surprised to realize that I didn't know such obvious things. Such as facts about plains, Lake Erie, canals, wildlife, and monuments. This book was a very fun, interesting, and factual book. Anyone who wants to learn about the state of Ohio should definitely read it.

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