Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Everything I Was by Corinne Demas

Everything I Was is about a thirteen year-old girl named Irene. She has a perfect life. Until one day, her dad loses his job. Then, her world is turned upside-down when her parents decide to move out to her grandpa's farm for the summer, just so they can get back on their feet. At first, Irene hates it in the country. Then, when she realizes how appreciate the little things in life, like friends, family, and hobbies, she really begins to love it there. But at the end of the summer, her parents want to move back to the city. Will Irene go back to everything she was, or will she stay with her new, care-free life?

This book really showed me that kids can really help parents make decisions in their life. But, it shows me that bad things in life can sometimes turn into good things, depending on what you choose to make out of it. I was really happy with the ending because Irene had gone through some hard times and she finally had something good happen to her. Even though life sometimes doesn't give you happy endings, it's good to know that they still exist. I thought this book would be for ages 12 and up because having a parent out of work is becoming more and more common, and kids need to learn how to deal with that type of situation.

Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Leawood, Kansas United States of America