Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Desperate Measures by Laura Summers

Vicky is a girl living in a foster home after her mother died and her father "went away". She has to look after her mentally-disabled twin sister Rihanna and her little brother who's always ready for a fight. She 's doing a good job of it--defending her sister from the stereotypical mean girl, and stopping her brother from punching everyone he meets--when she' s told that the couple they're with can't keep them anymore and they have to split up. So they decide to runway.

Laura Summers gives Rihanna a unique point of view, one that is both innocent and with deep insight. She writes about how these three siblings love and care for each other and how they fight and scream at one another. I really enjoyed reading about the relationships between the characters. All in all this was a great book.

I would say this book is for all ages, but there is some talk about dying and what that means.

Reviewer Age: 15
Reviewer City, State and Country: Juda, WI, USA