Saturday, June 04, 2011

Be Healthy! It's a Girl Thing!

Be Healthy! It's A Girl Thing: Food, Fitness and Feeling
Great by Mavis Jukes and Lilian Cheung is a very
informational book teaching you about everything you need
to know to about becoming a healthier person. It is a
nonfiction book and topics range from getting enough
exercise to how much water to drink a day to how to
nutrition labels. It is the perfect book for preteens and
teens because the writing is easy to understand. You may
think you know everything about how to be healthy, but this
book provides much more that most people forget about
including in a healthy lifestyle such as: the Percent Daily
Value, friendships and how to ignore common stereotypes.
This book has everything you need to know about creating a
healthier lifestyle for yourself!

I thought that, Be
Healthy! It's a Girl Thing: Food, Fitness and Feeling Great
by Mavis Jukes and Lilian Cheung, is a bit dry. Some parts
give interesting information but overall it is difficult to
read continuously because I would find my mind daydreaming
often. The subjects are mostly interesting but occasionally
there is a very dull subject that I would rather skip over.
Also, the subjects are very brief and I think some could be
expanded. A couple topics only gave a sentence or two about
it. If the authors were to go back and revise the book, I
would recommend them to add a bit more about some of the
topics. The book is very encouraging which is helpful in
the beginning but gets a bit annoying after reading it for
a while. In addition, there is something called the Cactus
Plan on page 29 which, to this day, I still cannot figure
out how it works. It is a diagram about how to limit foods,
however, it is incredibly difficult to figure out how it
works. The authors do not make it clear how to read the
diagram or even how to read it. However, I do like some
things about Be Healthy! It's a Girl Thing: Food, Fitness
and Feeling Great as well. For example, I like how there is
some background information at the beginning of the book
like what the book's purpose is and a brief description on
what a growth spurt is. That makes it easier to ease into
the book and to help know what you are about to read. It
also makes you a little more excited to begin reading it. I
think that this book is child friendly because it feels
like a nice teacher or adult that you like is talking to
you. I also think that the vocabulary is good for the
recommended age of 10 and up. In conclusion, I learned
several things after reading this book that encourage me to
become a healthier and more active person!

Reviewer Age:13

Reviewer City, State and Country:
Milwaukee, Wisconsin United States