Sunday, January 03, 2010

Free Fall

Basically, FREE FALL is about a high school boy named Luke. He's a fencer, not the best student, and is looking for a college that will accept him. A new boy shows up and isn't being very nice to Luke's best friend, Hayden. (He's a fencer too). But it turns out he's does fencing as well. At this school, there is an unofficial initiation ceremony. The new fencers have to jump of a cliff into the lake. Luke and Hayden take Russell to the cliff. When Russell chickens out, he and Hayden get in an argument and Hayden ends up pushing Russell OFF THE CLIFF! So now Luke has to figure out what to say at the impending court trial. What's the right thing to say? What about Hayden? Can Luke stay true to himself?

It was an interesting read, but it was hard to tell who was telling the story. Sometimes it sounded like the character was talking and sometimes it sounded like someone else was telling the story. I think it should have been in the main character's point of view. All in all, I wasn't that fond of this book. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. It would have been better if the main character wasn't such a whiner.

Reviewer Age:13

Reviewer City, State and Country: Sandy, Oregon US of A