Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sophomore Switch by Abby McDonald

Can a Sophomore Switch make all the difference?

California girl Tasha's Sophomore year was supposed to be
great. She had cool film classes, fun roommates, and a
steady line of possible guys to date. Though, when the
"Hot-Tub Incident" occurs, she only wants to do one thing,
pack her bags, quickly.

Meanwhile, across the country, Emily's life isn't going that
peachy either. Her boyfriend of five months has just broken
up with her because she wouldn't go "all the way." Also, it
seems like she can't fit it in at stuffy Oxford anymore.

So, when they are offered to switch places- houses, schools,
friends- for a semester, both jump at the chance. But will
this make their lives better or just plain

Sophomore Switch was a fast paced novel filled with
funny situations, well developed characters, and a question
of what it means to be a feminist. I quickly devoured this
novel in two short days, thanks to Abby McDonald's writing
and her two lead characters: Emily and Tasha. I felt that
both were realistic and quirky teenagers, making them
extremely fun to read about. I loved how they each had
traits that any type of girl could relate to. Emily was the
up tight overachiever, while Tasha was the go with the flow
party girl. My only problem with this novel was that the
minor characters such as Morgan, Will, and Ryan were a tad
under developed.

Overall, Sophomore Switch was a well written book that I
suggest to fans of Meg Cabot and Sarah Dessen. I look
forward to reading more by Abby McDonald in the future.
Reviewer Age:13
Mountain Top, PA USA