Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Secret of the Sleepless Whales by Ana Maria Rodriguez

Dolphins can dive to as deep as 200 yards in a single breath. But according to experiments done by scientists, they do not have enough oxygen to make that dive. What is their secret?
Baby mammals need a lot of sleep to develop their brain and body. But baby orcas don't sleep for the first four weeks after birth! Why is that?
Harbor seals often hunt at night in pitch black water. And yet they are able to successfully capture their prey. How is that possible?
Some dolphins are seen wearing sponges on their snouts when hunting on the ocean floor. What could this mean?
In Antarctica, seals have amazing hunting strategies to catch their prey in the cold waters of the Antarctic. Therefore, scientists set out to discover these mysteries by attaching cameras to their bodies. The results provide a promising glimpse to how seals are able to outsmart their prey.
In this book, you would find out the answers to all of these secrets & and more!

This book is excellent for ocean enthusiasts who want to learn something unique about these marine mammals. However, it is very simple and does not go much into detail. Usually, a book of this type would be packed with exciting pictures and graphics. However, this book somewhat lacks in that category. There was one 6-page span where not a single picture was included. Out of the five secrets this book shared, there was one that stood out from the rest. It was about how seals can locate objects in the water with their eyes blindfolded. This story captured my attention and was very informative and exciting. Overall, this book does not provide too much information about the animals themselves. However, this is a great book for those who just want to discover something unique about these marine mammals.
Reviewer Age:15
Palo Alto, CA USA

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