Saturday, April 25, 2009

Samurai7 by Mizutaka Suhou

This Manga is about a town that is threatened by cyborg bandits for it's rice. The town sends out three people to search for some samurai to help defend there village. The three bump into katsushiro which is a guy who was walking around in the town that they went to. They take him as there first samurai. Later they find out he isn't one and that he is just a plain kid. Though in he helps them to get seven samurai to go to the town. Join them on the adventure to see what happens in volume one of this series.

I loved this manga. This was filled with action and had a lot of the Japanese essence with it. For example, this manga is read like a traditional Japanese book which is from right to left not like our books which read from left to right. If you are not used to this you get used to if after a few pages. In the front they taught you about honorifics. This is used after someone's name like -San or -Sama. This manga also uses some Japanese words and they explain them in the back. It also includes a preview of the second volume though it is written in Japanese. I don't know if it will be translated to English when it is on shelves in a store near you. All in all this was a good book that anyone would like. If your looking for some hack and slash or just for information about Japanese traditions, this manga is the right one for you!

In the manga there is some cursing, smoking, and gory scenes.

Reviewer Age:16
Reviewer City, State and Country: Northport, NY USA