Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blackbringer by Laini Taylor

Magpie Windwich is a faerie with the seemingly impossible mission to save the world. She and her feathered friends hunt down escaped devils that the humans have been releasing. Now, she comes upon a devil like no other, a dark force only few know. With faerie people who have forgotten their own legends and the Djinn, creators of the earth, mysteriously gone, where is one small faerie to start? Well, maybe Magruwen, the King of the Djinn.

Blackbringer is an extremely well written book. Taylor created wonderful characters, especially Magpie that spunky, stubborn faerie that made the book come alive. Each character brought spark to this book and it was a perfect example of a fantastic multi-view story. I can imagine Taylor's world of faeries, the castle, spider caves, and the whispering old trees. I give five stars.

Reviewer Age:12

Reviewer City, State and Country: Lake Bluff, IL United States of America

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