Monday, November 10, 2008

The Clone Elite by Steven L. Kent

This novel is action, adventure, science fiction, and has a military focus. This story is set in the years 2154 and 2155. Humanity had controlled the Milky Way Galaxy, but an alien force has quickly began conquering every planet inhabited by humanity for their own colonization. The two remaining human worlds, Earth and New Copenhagen, have lost contact with the conquered worlds and have received messages from the aliens saying that both of the remaining worlds will soon be invaded. Humanity decided to protect Earth by sending all their troops to New Copenhagen, which will be attacked first. All foot soldiers in the military are clones but these clones do not know they are clones. To recruit soldiers, all clones are forced into the military by the Elite Conscription Act, including Wayson Harris. Harris is a special type of extremely violent clone called a Liberator, and he knows he is a clone. He also quit the army before because clones were used as bait and left to die. However, time is running out for all of humanity, and Harris must find a way to lead his clone troops to victory.

I believe that this is a superb novel. The futuristic setting keeps readers occupied with a unique type of alien and clone military. The book was never slow because there was always action, battles, arguments within the army, and new discoveries about the alien adversary. It is the fourth in a series, but I had not read the previous books and still understood the plot. I may now go back and read the earlier books, however. I have always loved science fiction and action novels and would recommend this book primarily to people who enjoy the same. The novel is not very deep, and there is not much character development by the main character. The emphasis is on adventure.
This book contains cursing, implied sexual activity, and lots of death and violence.
Reviewer Age:15
Reviewer City, State and Country: Royersford, PA United States