Thursday, October 23, 2008

Isabelle's Boyfriend by Caroline Hickey

Taryn's mom is recently divorced and she replaced her husband with a dog!!! Her mom treats the dog better then Taryn, her own daughter. But that is just one of the problems that Taryn has to face. Taryn goes to an all-girl's school and she is not the most popular girl on the block. Taryn is taking her dog for a walk when she runs into the boy of her dreams. The down side is his girlfriend is the most popular girl at her school, Isabelle Graham. As Taryn schemes to take Isabelle's boyfriend, she ends up being friends with Isabelle. Taryn is now popular and goes to all the parties, and she likes her new life. So she is faced with the decision of her new life or the boy. Which will she choose?

This book never grabbed my attention at all. It was definitely not what I was expecting. The book had no climax and the author just kept going on about a certain plot point. Then it felt like she was rushing at the end of the book. The book wasn't completely boring, I was able to sit through it, but I would not recommend this book to others. It is a quick read; I read it in one day. The ending didn't really do much for me; it summed it up, but it just sort of felt like it should have ended differently.

Reviewer Age: 13

Reviewer City, State and Country: Tipp City, Ohio United States

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