Monday, April 28, 2008

The Hollywood Sisters: Star Quality by Mary Wilcox

As soon as I show up to my new Beverly Hills school, photos of students with celebrities start disappearing faster then the new Gucci bag. But I'm totally innocent. I'm too busy helping Eva land a "real" role, because she's tired of those non-serious movies she always gets offered parts in. And I'm also helping Jeremy look out for an old friend. But it doesn't take a detective like me to know where the finger's pointing. Now I have to add proving I'm not a kleptomaniac to the list of things I have to do. But is it possible the real thief is taking it too far...? To the point where it becomes deadly?

I enjoyed Star Quality. It was a good and entertaining read, while also having a great plot that didn't get too confusing. Mary Wilcox does an excellent job portraying how hard high school can be, and how everyone can be a nice person if you know how to get them to show it. I could easily relate to the characters in the book, because of how the author did a great job of describing each character. An excellent summer read, The Hollywood Sisters: Star Quality should definitely be on your summer reading list.

Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Casa Grande, Arizona USA

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