Saturday, October 28, 2006

Between Mom and Jo by Julie Anne Peters

Ever since he was little, Nick has been teased because he has two moms. Nick's mothers taught him not to be ashamed of his parentage, no matter what others said.

Though it is hard for him to deal with bullies and name-calling at school, Nick is pretty happy when he is home.

Happy, that is, until his moms split up. Nick stays at home with Erin - who he calls Mom, who he's always called Mom, because she biologically is just that - while Jo gets an apartment of her own.

What happens when your parents break up? What if they were not married in the eyes of the law, and one of them has no biological or legal claim to you?

As always, Julie Anne Peters has written a realistic, dramatic story. Children of divorce will benefit from reading this book just as much as those who are products of a same-sex marriage. Hopefully, this and other stories by Peters will encourage readers to be more open-minded and more compassionate towards others.

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