Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Killer's Tears by Anne-Laure Bondoux

What Mr. and Mrs. Poloverdo thought was just another visitor to their home was what would change Paolo's forever. Angel Allegria was his name, killing his game. While the unsuspecting couple drank wine with the murder, he drew a knife from his belt and ended their lives. His eyes then were put on the boy, demanding him to approach. Paolo stood still and answered many personal questions. The killer and his boy, as Angel called him, then buried the parents. And they resided in the house for a few weeks...until a knock sounded at the door. It was Luis Secunda, a traveler who stole the boy’s heart from Angel. The man taught him to read and write, and after many days, promised to take him and Angel along in his travels. They went to the city of Punta Arenas first. The trio resided in an inn for a week or two. And when they were not there with the innkeeper and his daughter, they were in the city seeing the sights. But, one sight that Angel did not expect to see was his face on a poster…with the word “WANTED!” under his name. And Angel wanted to escape that town before he was discovered and arrested. And separated from the boy. Luis betrayed them when he and the innkeeper’s daughter were planning to leave the city on a boat so they would not face the music from them placing up the poster. When the boy and the killer find them, the knife is drew… Does the murder kill yet another person…or more? Does he get to stay with the boy? And, does Angel get caught? Only The Killer’s Tears can tell.

This reviewer found this book to be surprisingly fulfilling. Twists and turns fill this book like a mountain road. Ms. Bondoux has an excellent way with words, like a crafts-worker with a needle joining fabrics. This book was excellently written, and is a very remarkable work of literature. Some of the grammar is different than what many people know, however, but that can be justified: this book is a translation from French text. Even so, the meaning was not lost. This reviewer enjoyed this book and believes that anyone who reads The Killer’s Tears will fall in love with this story also!

Rating (0 - 10 scale): 10
Reviewer Age: 13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Chambersburg, PA United States