Friday, June 03, 2005

The Ranger's Appentice by John Flanagan

Will's life is a complete mystery. Other than the fact that his father died a hero, he knows nothing about his parents death or life. Hoping to follow in his father's footsteps, he asks to get into the Battleschool. Unfortunately, he gets refused. As he is about to steal a paper that could possibly change his life, he learns something that will. The Baron and Halt (the Ranger) catch him, but that's not the reason for their interruption. Will shall have to face his fears in order to become a Ranger's Apprentice.

The Ranger's Apprentice was an extremely well-written story. The descriptions of objects were excellent. I enjoyed the freshness of the character's personality. The clashes of that sort were exceptional. I can't seem to place critisism on any specific part, so the book was consistently good. I think the only bad things were the extremely slow first 75 pages and the annoying British spelling and lingo. You need a VERY extensive vocabulary to get through it. I would have preferred a more in-depth look at the final battle. With all that said, this was one of my favorite fantasy books yet.