Monday, June 06, 2005

Dragon Blade By: Andre Norton and Sasha Miller

Nordon rulers Gaurin and Ashen have thought that the Great Foulness is over. However, when they get a present for their new son, they find out that they were wrong. The Ice Dragons they faced in the war were just babies, and the mother still lives. Gauring immediatly sets out to destroy the Mother Ice Dragon, hoping to find a certain sword that will help destroy her. After Gaurin leaves, Ashen finds new information about the Dragon Blade. She rides out to try and find him and give him this new piece of information. Meanwhile things back in Nordornlands aren't going to well. A huge troll is attacking and destroying everything in sight. Ashen finally catches up to Gaurin just in time. The next day they battle the Mother Ice Dragon. Even with the legendary Dragon Blade, will Gaurin be able to kill the dragon?

This book was very exciting and full of adventure. You switch off between the Nordornland affairs and the Mother Ice Dragon affairs. Normally it would be confusing, but with this author it wasn't. There was a mystery involved also. You never know a huge part of the story until the end. This book had me reading hours at a time. The author had a great flow of words, which kept me intrigued.

Rating (0 - 10 scale): 10

Review by: MY