Saturday, June 23, 2012

MMM (ebook) by J.E. Shoup

Matt Matthews is a 16 year old genius, who has no friends and is addicted to a computer game that is set on a planet called Ruan3. The game is a war between the government (also known as the Foundation) and the rebels, set in the year 2813. One morning, Matt learns that there has been a third murder of a teenage girl that school year. That night, Matt hypnotizes himself into a trance, where he sees a girl from the game, the three real murder victims, and a little girl in trouble. The next time Matt attempts self-hypnosis, he finds himself on Ruan3. When he returns, Matt becomes a huge part of the murder cases. Graylin, a school friend with a secret identity, and Matt experience a roller coaster of clues and hunches as they search for the murderer and the murderer’s posse. During the search for the murderer, catastrophe occurs at school and there is a shooting. When Matt is shot, he is transported to Ruan3 where more chaos is in progress. As Matt risks his life for his friends in the future, he must stay strong for his friends in his time while he fights for his life in two dimensions.
MMM by J.E. Shoup, was a page-turning novel with both modern and futuristic settings, which essentially created two completely different plots for the book.  It was interesting as to how the author made the transition between the year 2008 and the year 2813 and how he was able to connect two completely different time periods. I also liked the way that he chose to introduce new information or characters at specific places in the book. This made the book flow nicely and made me want to keep reading. I didn’t especially like that in the middle of the book he only actively focused on one part of the story and you had no idea what was going on in the other part of the story. I think that this book gives a realistic outtake of what it is like to live in a lower income family while also balancing the life of a highschooler. This book gave a new take on what the future might be like and indirectly encourages us to take care of our planet. I was unhappy with the excessive profanity that the author used but it did help make the story more realistic. I think that this story was a riveting page-turner that kept the reader on their toes. I would recommend this book to fourteen or fifteen year olds looking for a science fiction story that they can relate and connect to. 
I gave this book a three because of several components. There was a ton of language i.e. cuss words and also a lot of gruesome violence and murder.
Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Parker, CO USA