Friday, August 05, 2016

A new student review of The Liberation by Marissa Shrock

1231713 posted a new student review of The Liberation by Marissa Shrock. See the full review.

I must start with the fact that I have not read the first book in the series, therefore my opinion is only based on where the story picks up in book 2--with Vivica becoming part of the Emancipation Warriors. There are points in this story that I enjoyed. The storyline involving the interactions of the characters are my favored parts. So much of the story is like a rat maze; the reader being the rat who keeps hitting dead ends and opening new passageways. There are parts of the story that are really rushed, when more time needs to be spent setting up the story. It is about halfway through the story when there is a paragraph or two that tries to explain the Peacekeeper, and the Global peacekeepers in a rushed and confusing manner. I will read book 1 in order to answer some of my questions, such as: How does a person who is raised in an entitled world suddenly become this super hacker all the while she is a pampered princess who loves to go shopping? I also want to read book 3 to help answer my other questions, which I assume will be addressed at the series end. This book does draw you into the characters life enough to want to find out what finally happens to them.