Thursday, June 18, 2015

A new student review of Bridge Through Time by Scott Spotson

Sweetfable posted a new student review of Bridge Through Time by Scott Spotson. See the full review.

This book was quite good in my opinion. I had not read the first novel in the series, nor did I have any knowledge of the storyline going into this book. So when things quickly switched to Kyle’s point of view, I had little idea what was going on. It took me a little while to get the characters and situations straight, but when I did it was quite rewarding. Although this was the second novel, much of the information that was in the first novel was explained in this one, making it easier for me to comprehend things like Dr. Time and the Time Weaver. It was confusing for me as a reader when the abrupt switch to Kyle's point of view from Max’s perspective occurred. I was just beginning to comprehend how Kyle grew up, when all of a sudden he became the main character and his father faded into the background. Occasionally other perspectives were thrown in to showcase other characters' inner thoughts, but at times this made for jarring transitions.

I liked how there was an optimistic view of the future, especially in Life I. Even in Life II, where things were much more advanced because of the Darsian’s influence, the new inventions that were explained in detail were very interesting. I connected with many of the characters, especially Kyle and his girlfriend Eva. I liked how the dates were shown at the beginning of every chapter, making it much easier for me to follow exactly when and where events were happening. Kyle and his brother were essentially my age because of the years they were born in, which helped me to make another connection. 

The pace of the novel flowed quite well at most points, and held my attention. I enjoyed the inclusion of some real life physics in the book. For example, the Casimir effect is mentioned, which I just learned about a couple of weeks prior to reading! I enjoyed this read for how realistic it remained even though it is science fiction. I would read more books by this author in the future.