Thursday, March 19, 2015

A new student review of Forever Ruby by Claire Merchant

123evae123 posted a new student review of Forever Ruby by Claire Merchant. See the full review.

While reading this book I had mixed emotions about it. Somtimes the plot was a tad slow, and sometimes it was too fast-paced.  Characters were well developed however, and it was easy to forge connections with them and sympathize with their actions.  Fans of the supernatural genre will love this book and its twists and turns as Ruby tries to figure out who is helping and hindering her on this journey of self discovery . She learns about her flaws and has downfalls like everyone else, and she is not described as "perfect" as so many novel heroines are. This novel was a great, relaxing beach read, and with such great character development, it was easy to overlook the slow or fast plot.