Thursday, May 15, 2014

A new student review of Fat Angie

hg2008 posted a new student review of Fat Angie . See the full review.

When I read the back of this book I was so excited; this book sounded so different and so fresh, and I thought it would be a book I loved. However, I was extremely dissapointed. My frist disappointment was the character of Angie. She even called herself Fat Angie and was so sad throughout the whole book that I got tired of her self-pity.

One thing that made her sad was that she was bullied by the kids at school. Yes, I know bullying happens and people can be very mean to others, but the things that they did to her I kind of didn't buy. The things they did to her reminded me of the bullying seen in the book, Carrie and that made this book seem not so fresh or creative anymore. At the end of the book, we find out why the head mean girl bullies Angie, and the reason just doesn't make sense, and there could have been a much better ending with that story.

I also really didn't like the other characters. They all got annoying as the book progressed. I was so disappointed with K.C.. I thought I would love her as her character. She has many of the same interest as me, but the author takes this fun creative character and makes her depressing and sad.

Another thing that disappointed me about this boook was that it was supposed to be an Anti Romance, but it turned into a romance.

Also the ending was kind of just left open. There really was no ending, and I think several of the situations could of been resolved in better ways.

Overall, I sadly cannot reccomend this book. It's very depressing and disappointing.