Tuesday, August 06, 2013

A new student review of Maid for Me, Too

detectiveginger posted a new student review of Maid for Me, Too . See the full review.

There are lots of imagery used through mataphors and similes. Some of the similes are strange such as  when describing the relationship between Mina and Danni, they were described as "bonded like two oppositely charged ions ready to take on the world together." Do ionic compounds take on the world? However I liked the idea of two people who are complete opposites in appearance and personality, "attracted" to each other and who become close friends, that is conveyed in this simile. I thought that all the figurative language used was quite unique, interesting, contemporary and humorous.

The writing has gotten more mature since the last book, because the main characters, Mina and Jaden, have graduated from high school, and it shows in the character development of Mina and Jaden. So there is also slightly mature content in this book, such as references to alcohol.

'Maid For Me, Too' is a great book, and I recommend everyone to read it.