Friday, March 22, 2013

A new student review of The Crossing (Blood of the Lamb: Book One)

dancechicka posted a new student review of The Crossing (Blood of the Lamb: Book One) . See the full review.

This book was a breath of fresh air for me.  Hagar has defiantly come up with an original and innovative idea.  I was a little confused with the plot and who’s who at the beginning, but as the book went on I figured it out.  I love how Hagar portrayed Maryam as a strong and willful individual, yet gave her a certain vulnerability that made you want to cheer her on to victory.  This book was exciting but not too faced paced, edgy without being intrusive, and had plenty of new twists that kept me guessing.  This book captures the feeling of deception and conspiracy, with the underlying rage and anger just below the surface.  I also felt the supporting characters played a big role in this book’s plot, giving it depth and personality.  All in all, I felt this novel was a success and encourage you to read it!

“The singing and the crush of people amplified around her….she cast about, desperate for some whom might ease her plight.  But now she was falling….”

I would recommend this book for mature readers and young adults, as this novel had some sexual situations and references, yet no profanity to speak of.

Faced with the consequences of turning her back on everything she believes, will Maryam be able to escape the dreaded and merciless Apostles and find out the truth…..alive?  You’ll have to read Mandy Hagar’s new novel, The Crossing, to answer that question?

Note:  This book is the first installment of the Blood of the Lamb Trilogy.  If you are interested in reading the other installments, the second novel is called Into the Wilderness and the third, Resurrection.