Monday, October 01, 2012

Alice Parker's Metamorphosis (ebook) by Nicola Palmer

13 year old, Alice Parker has had some strange things happen to her. Extreme fruit cravings, mysterious back aches, and perfect grades are just some examples. Join Alice as she learns who she is and what she is, and how she keeps all her secrets from her parents. Lucky for Alice she has caring friends that help her along the way. If you like fiction, adventure, and mystery Alice Parker s Metamorphosis is the perfect book for you.I loved this book so much. It was great how the fictional characters were different- not the usual mermaids and fairies. That was the main attraction for me. I got so involved with the characters that I didn t want the book to end. I really liked how friendship was so important in this book. Overall Alice Parkers Metamorphosis deserves 5 stars!Reviewer Age:10Reviewer City, State and Country: Charlotte, NC United States of America