Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Moon Pie by Simon Mason

Moon Pie is about a girl named Martha caring for her little brother and drunken father.  Martha loves on Tug and mothers him.  She gives him baths and makes his favorite pie for him.  But when Martha s father starts acting strange, like taking them out on a picnic in the middle of the night, she starts getting worried.  When a lady tells Martha that her father could be drinking, she doesn 't waste time to find out.  Martha learns that the Social Services might take her and her little brother away because their father is drinking.  Read this book to find out what Martha does to help her father and little brother.
I think that this story has a few bad ideas for many children.  I would be cautious before giving it to any kid.  It has parts such as drinking parents and being driven by someone drunk.  It is a great book other than the parts that aren' t very nice to think about.  I don' t recommend it for children under 11.
There is drinking to the point of being drunk involved.
Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Leesburg, Virginia USA