Monday, August 22, 2011

Heir To Power: Book 1 by Michele Poague

Kairma is a member of the Healing family, and its her duty to become the next Miral, or leader, of Survin, her secluded home nestled in the shadow of a huge mountain. The once- pretty little girl was perfectly accepted in her community, that is, until she was bitten by a White One. The White Ones are horrid creatures whose bite causes fever. They haunt the people of Survin, striking fear into the hearts of those who see them. Kairma was the first to survive their bite. Years later, at age sixteen, the fever has left her with pale skin and white hair, so similar to that of the White Ones, so different from the dark skin and hair of her people. Now, Kairma faces discrimination from many members of the village. As if coping with this isnt enough, a stranger has come to the village, and an ancient law orders that he must die. When Kairma and her grandmother Isontra, the current leader of Survin, choose to allow him to live for the present, discriminators only have more reason to hate the Healing family. The stranger then starts trying to convince members of Survin to go to the city, his home. The Survinees are forbidden from leaving their valley, though. Will they leave for the city and risk exposing the location of the Healing Crystal, the very center of their village  and purpose for their seclusion? Will the Survinees allow the stranger to live? Will men from the city attack their village to harvest its gold and make the Survinees lose their home forever?
I really enjoyed this book! I do think its lengthier than it needs to be, but the overall story is original and creative. For me, this book was well worth the length. I like the fact that this book doesnt use a corny or common formula. It has a completely unique plot, with all the action and adventure you could hope for, as well as a touch of social drama and romance. If youre looking for a book thats simply a good read, this is the one for you.

Reviewer Age:12
Reviewer City, State and Country: Crescent City, CA USA