Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Sword in Her Hand by Jean-Claude Van Rijckechem

On what is supposed to be a spring night (but instead cursed with a overly long winter) the Countess of Barbant is giving birth to the future Count. To everyone's horror, the baby is turned sideways in the womb. The baby survives, but an even more horrifying discovery is made - the baby is not to be a future Count, but a future Countess - it is a girl. Lady Marguerite grows up with a rough childhood, after many miscarriages her mother goes crazy, and her father despises her for not being the male heir. When she is old enough, she is forced upon marrying Edward, whom she despises. After managing to escape her ill fated wedding, she discovers that the plague has come to haunt her and her people. She flees with her new husband, Prince Phillip, only to find he has obtained the dreaded plague. Prince Phillip dies, but Marguerite is not affected by the plague, and so with grief she goes to the convent to escape her life of hardship and sorrow. When her father comes for her, they battle, but Marguerite comes to accept her life as ruler, and steps back into the world.

This was a great book and extremely interesting due to the setting and details to Marguerite and her people's lifestyle. The book was quite realistic and exciting. I always had to wonder what would happen next and sometimes wondered why in the world why so-and-so would do such a thing. Also, Marguerite is quite a unique character. Her life is full of hardship, and although ours is much easier it is still possible to relate to her. A fascinating book, I would much anticipate a sequel.

Reviewer Age:13
Reviewer City, State and Country: Santa Fe, TX USA