Thursday, June 17, 2010

All Star by Jane Yolen

Honus Wagner was born February 24, 1847 in Chartiers Pennsylvania. He went to school all the way to 6th grade but stopped there. After 6th grade, Honus went to work in a coal mine with his dad. He and his family always played baseball on Sundays because it was his father's day off.
When Honus was still young, he signed up to play on a real team. He was so fast that he had to carry a teammate so he wouldn't pass him. His brother, Al, already played professional baseball and got Honus a deal to play too. Honus set two records in the World Series and one still stands today. When people sold his card in cigar packs, he didn't like it so they stopped printing them. Honus died on December 6, 1955. Now his cards sell for nearly $3,000,000.

Overall I thought this was an excellent book. Jane Yolen did a good job of summarizing Honus Wagner's life. The book is very short and is only about 30 pages but it is still very good. I think this book would catch the attention of boys more than girls just because it is about a boy's sport, but girls would like it too. If you like nonfiction biographies then this book is for you.

Reviewer Age: 13

Reviewer City, State and Country: Merino, Colorado U.S.A.