Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Swim the fly by Don Calame

What do you get when you put together three typical teenage boys, a naughty summer goal, and the 100-yard butterfly? Definitely NOT what Matt Gratton expected. Then again, anything is possible during summer. Which Matt discovers only after too many embarrassing mishaps to count: the befriending of Kelly's close friend, Ulf's crazy, torturous swim training, and of course the loyal help of Matt's best friends.

This book was a peek into the male mind. Reading Matt's thoughts and feelings was refreshingly funny and sweet. This book drags you in, to do crazy dares and goof off with Matt and his friends. The author's writing style made for a relatable and hilarious read. Be prepared to laugh-out-loud 'till your stomach hurts. Each chapter in this book plays out like a scene in a comedy movie. This book is perfect for more mature readers who enjoy quick, entertaining reads. 

This book contained a lot of raunchy, sometimes crude humor.

Reviewer Age:15
Reviewer City, State and Country: Wailuku, HI United States